December 11, 2012
Loserly and DerrickH - 727 Dead Pixel Live 12.08.12

Loserly and DerrickH

Dead Pixel Live

727 Dead Pixel Live 12.08.12

Dead Pixel Live learns how feelings work in this episode. DPL:Loserly edition takes on the VGAs as Loserly runs down all of the winners while Derrick disagrees with almost all of them. Burr and Oz are shocked to learn about the subtle racism in the Boston Blackie movies. Truf from the Truf! Podcast calls in to give his take on the fighting game community and sponsorships. Loserly explains why she likes the All Games community so much.

December 04, 2012
Loserly and DerrickH - 723 Dead Pixel Live 12.03.12

Loserly and DerrickH

Dead Pixel Live

723 Dead Pixel Live 12.03.12

Dead Pixel Live has vaginal hubris in this episode. DPL:Loserly Edition dives deep into a lot of topics this week. What does it take to make Loserly get into a bar fight? Who is Janet Joplin? Why is Derrick not a fan of some charities? Is Burr a cat? Are cosplayers and mail order brides the same? Where is Milka Duno? Who really likes the WNBA? All this and we still do gaming news!

April 03, 2012
Loserly and DerrickH - 664 Dead Pixel Live4.02.12

Loserly and DerrickH

Dead Pixel Live

664 Dead Pixel Live4.02.12

Dead Pixel Live scores big in this episode. DPL:Losery Edition talks to David Hernly from Aurcade ( tracking arcades and competitive high scores. He gives us insights on the arcade game and pinball community and where it’s headed in the future. Loserly doesnt sign up for the Maxim gamer girl search, but she does deliver all of the new releases and gaming news for the week. Burr and Derrick think Dr Evil is creepy. Loserly wants Derrick to fight the power and not pay a traffic ticket. We all lament the closing of Zipper Interactive…kinda.

April 01, 2012

Even More DPL Video Additions

It’s up!  Head over to to catch the latest webcam video game antics of your very own DPL host, Loserly!  There will be plenty of free content as she races, role plays, and shoots her way across vast video game universes on live cam.  

Better yet, DPL will also be offering a pay service to gain access to exclusive content.  Sorry, no nudity, but there will be plenty of scantily clad girl-gaming action to make it worth your while.  You can even help choose which outfits she wears and games she plays.  So stop settling for girls who aren’t real gamers, and come support your favorite podcast so they can add even more and better features in the future! (Like skimpy cosplay outfits. :x)


March 31, 2012
DerrickH - 663 Dead Pixel Live 03.29.12


Dead Pixel Live

663 Dead Pixel Live 03.29.12

Dead Pixel Live is fun for a girl and a boy in this episode. DerrickH chooses ‘toys’ as the topic of the day before remembering he didn’t have many as a kid. Grittytoe calls in to talk about Castle Grayskull, Curtis explains autism, Citabria takes us back with Mousetrap, Sir Sebastian helps us figure out Electronic Vibrating Football, and Dr. Evil electrocutes himself.

March 29, 2012
Loserly and DerrickH - 662 Dead Pixel Live 3.26.12

Loserly and DerrickH

Dead Pixel Live

662 Dead Pixel Live 3.26.12

Dead Pixel Live sings the blues in this episode. DPL:LE goes topic-less this week but Loserly still brings the heat with all of the new releases and gaming news. Derrick sings. We listen to some old themes, and some new themes by Powersource. We try to determine if Loserly is unknowingly part of a swinging community. Derrick continues to sing.

October 30, 2011


Dead Pixel Live

Origin PC Interview

Origin PC

Kevin Wasielelewski


Derrick and Burr talk to Kevin Wasielewski, CEO of Origin PC about high end, overclocked, superfast gaming computers. He explains why he left Alienware, whats the most graphically taxing game on the market, and even how to stick a watercooled Xbox360 into a PC case. We also go over whats in the future for Origin PC as far as desktops, laptops, and more. 

September 16, 2011


Dead Pixel Live

Madden 12 Interview

Madden 12

EA Sports

Mike Young - Creative Director

Mike Young comes on to talk about the latest edition of America’s favorite sports game, Madden 12. He answers questions from listeners about the current version of Madden, and where the franchise is headed in the future. Bug fixes, new and old features, and lingerie are just a few of the topics covered in this all inclusive look at the game.