Even More DPL Video Additions

It’s up!  Head over to http://www.deadpixellive.com/loserlyvideo to catch the latest webcam video game antics of your very own DPL host, Loserly!  There will be plenty of free content as she races, role plays, and shoots her way across vast video game universes on live cam.  

Better yet, DPL will also be offering a pay service to gain access to exclusive content.  Sorry, no nudity, but there will be plenty of scantily clad girl-gaming action to make it worth your while.  You can even help choose which outfits she wears and games she plays.  So stop settling for girls who aren’t real gamers, and come support your favorite podcast so they can add even more and better features in the future! (Like skimpy cosplay outfits. :x)